Upcoming Classes

Dr. Kathie Warpinsk is now available for appointments. Please contact our main number or email us to schedule and appoinment. Supplements are available for purchase at the Little Herb Shop, 630-416-1617. Thank you, Kathie

Detox Class

Detoxification classes include the reasons you should detox your body and the different symptoms that may indicate you would benefit from detox. The class will give you information about how to prepare for a detox and will review the many detox options. You will also learn about the symptoms that are signs of healing and cleansing and what to do when you experience them. A list of  juices will be provided and instructions on how to juice during the detox.  You will learn the difference between fasting and detox and important facts regarding both. Lastly, you will be told how to end the detox and when to repeat the detox process.

Herbal First Aid Class

This class will teach you what you need for a drug free, all natural medicine cabinet to keep you healthy easily for all of your acute health problems. You will be told 20 basic herbal and homeopathic remedies and how to use them and prepare them. You will be given a short guide to take home for future reference.

Healing Digestive Problems Naturally Class

This class is designed to inform you of natural alternative options to digestive problems including GERD, heartburn, indigestion, ulcers, bloating, gastritis, constipation and others. You will be given a brief background on digestion and the anatomy of the body. A description on what is actually happening when these conditions present themselves and why they are happening. Information on the differences between Western medicine and natural holistic treatments will be reviewed. You will learn what diet, treatments, herbs and homeopathic remedies to use, how to use them and why they work better than drugs.

Iridology Class

This class is a basic information class for learning what the eyes are telling you about your health. You will learn the basic types of eyes, what the colors and marks are trying to tell you.  We will also review the different signs in your eyes that show you have genetic tendencies. Your eyes reflect all of the organs in your body and your current state of health.