Health Conditions

Contact us to learn more about how we treat the following conditions naturally.  You may be able to stop taking medicine and begin taking a natural alternative with no side effects to feel relief.

There are many causes for arthritis such as diet, lifestyle, and even too much protein in your diet.  We use herbs, homeopathics and acu-tuning to remove inflammation and pain.  We evaluate diet as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  We make diet recommendations and we may also use chelation.

Cancer Support
We work to support the body while undergoing chemo, radiation or surgery with homeopathics, acu-tuning and diet to build up the body.  Our support does not interfere with your doctor’s protocol. Following medical treatment, we also work with you to allow your body to heal and detox with natural herbs, juicing, and acu-tuning.

Chronic Fatigue
We use stress assessment to determine the cause of this illness and balance the body with acu-tuning, cranial sacral therapy, supplements (in many cases there are vitamin & EFA deficiencies) and herbs. Causes can also be virus, Candida, imbalance in the endocrine system, adrenals or thyroid. We can balance these issues with homeopathics and inner organ massage, which will also treat and repair your entire body.

Colds, Flu, Cough
All can be caused by a low immune system, viruses, bacteria or even parasites.  We treat with vitamins to build up your immune system and use herbs to get rid of the bacteria, virus and parasites. We have a variety of natural methods and remedies to rid your body of illness faster and easier than with anti-biotics or a flu shot. We also use acu-tuning and essential oils.

Diabetes can be the result of a fat metabolism malfunction, HCL deficiency, virus, pancreas or liver malfunction (from allergies) or even hypothyroidism. We implement a food plan, and recommend sugar substitutes, detox of the liver, herbs, homeopathics and supplements, along with acu-tuning and inner organ massage.

Digestive Issues
Most diseases stem from digestive problems and we work with all, including Crohn’s disease, colitis, ulcers, IBS, heartburn, indigestion, diverticulitis, inflamed bowel disease and eating disorders. We start with an Iridology exam.  Then we introduce the basics of a good enzyme, HCL and probiotic, develop a food plan and introduce acu-tuning and inner organ massage. We go deeper into healing with herbs, homeopathics and detox programs.

High Cholesterol
High Cholesterol can be caused by stress and a diet high in saturated fats and sugars, but low in soluble fiber or an EFA deficiency. We use herbs that help the liver, since the liver is where cholesterol is made. We don’t want to make our cholesterol too low, as some prescription medications do, because cholesterol is needed to make hormones for your body and brain.  We use inner organ massage and acu-tuning for the liver. We look at what you are eating and make supplement recommendations that can lower high cholesterol naturally.

High Blood Pressure
There are many causes of high blood pressure: calcium deficiency, potassium/sodium ratio, clogging arterial fats, increased fat storage in the liver, thickened blood from excess mucous and waste, poor sugar metabolism, thyroid imbalance, exhausted kidneys, and even constipation. We find the cause through stress assessment and work with supplements, amino acids, EFA’s, and herbs along with acu-tuning.

Hormonal Imbalance
Hormone imbalance is usually caused by an endocrine system imbalance, exhaustion or disease. Other causes can be stress or over- the-counter medications. We will determine the root cause through stress assessment and use homeopathic hormonal remedies, herbs or supplements that might be missing from the diet. We will also balance the endocrine system with acu-tuning and inner organ massage.

Pain Management
We evaluate the pain and look for the possible causes. Depending on location and frequency of the pain, we use specific herbs and homeopathics to reduce inflammation, swelling, and nerve pain. We also use gentle techniques such as acu-tuning and cranial sacral therapy to remove the pain.  Many of our clients feel relief after just one session.

Panic Attacks & Stress
There are many reasons for panic attack; lack of neurotransmitters, vitamins and minerals, hormones or harmful drug reactions. We will find the root of the problem and use supplements along with acu-tuning, cranial sacral therapy, and flower essences that are personalized to your specific need, and have been known to reduce stress quickly and naturally.

Skin Problems
Skin problems can be caused by digestive imbalances, liver toxicity, low immune system function, hormone imbalance or stress. We treat with herbs, homeopathics, diet, detox and supplements. We will also use inner organ massage with acu-tuning to remove the imbalance.

Thyroid Issues
Thyroid problems have become an epidemic in our society.  Stress, chemicals, insufficient vitamins and minerals and lifestyle will usually trigger thyroid issues. We use Iridology to determine the cause of the problem and use thyroid herbs, detox herbs, endocrine balancing homeopathics, vitamins, minerals, inner organ massage, and acu-tuning to allow the thyroid to heal.

Weight Management
Weight problems can be caused by stress, pain, digestive imbalances, and toxic liver, hypothyroid and adrenal exhaustion. We start with the digestive system correcting with herbs, supplements and homeopathics that can build, restore and detox so that your body can absorb and digest food properly.  We try to eliminate cravings and limit the accumulation of toxins in your body. We then detox the liver if needed with homeopathic remedies and herbs. Finally we rebuild the thyroid and adrenals. To assist the process and to achieve faster results, we use acu-tuning and inner organ massage.

Health Consultation

A natural health consultation reviews your current health issues, looking at the vitamins, supplements and drugs that you are taking, your diet and lifestyle. You will be given a written report of what changes you can make to help you to achieve optimum health. We can evaluate your current state of health using Iridology/Sclerology and/or a Stress Assessment.

Office visits, phone consults and house calls are available.