Cranial Sacral Therapy

What is Cranial Sacral therapy?

The term comes from the words cranium and sacrum. Cranium refers to the head and sacrum refers to a bone in the lower spine above the tailbone. Cranial Sacral therapy is the process of gently aligning the bones in the head and sacrum to increase focus and clarity.

How is it done? How long does it take?

A treatment takes about an hour and involves placing the hands on the neck, feet, jaws, and sacrum.

What can you expect from Cranial Sacral therapy?

This therapy alleviates stress, sensory overload and neurological imbalances. It also helps boost the immune system and can be used for a number of disorders including autism.

Parents who have had their children treated with Cranial Sacral Therapy often report that the child is more relaxed, able to make better eye contact and is more verbal. It has been shown to take heavy metals across the blood/brain barrier and release toxicity.