Health Tips

Did you know… ?

Stress has a direct effect on your immune system.  If you are starting to feel under the weather with a scratchy throat or lack of energy, give yourself a boost with a Vitamin C powder drink from Catie’s or Echinacea Plus from Dr. Schulze.

Vitamin E can help in fighting disease and may be one of the newest natural tools we have to regulate the development of cancerous tissue.  Corn, soy & olive oil contain Vitamin E.    You can also try Bronson Labs Vitamin E.

Green Tea has been known to be beneficial to overall good health for thousands of years.  Try drinking Herbasway green tea daily.

There are natural alternatives to the Flu VaccineHomeopathics work well to protect you from developing cold & flu symptoms.  All-Flu, Echinacea, Thieves Spray & Sovereign Silver are great alternatives to the flu shot.

Sunshine and Vitamin D can help eliminate toxins.  Try Bronson Labs Vitamin D.

A custom personal remedy or Flower Essence can be created to help you combat stress, negativity, or a lack of focus.

You can stop in our Little Herb Shop for natural supplements to replace your over-the-counter medications.