What is Herbology?

Herbology uses scientific medicinal plants to treat and correct illness and imbalances on emotional, mental and physical levels. Herbs can be taken in food form, but seem to work more efficiently in capsule, tea or extracts (liquid) form. Since herbs are derived from plants and trees that are all natural, they assimilate in the body more effectively than synthetic medicine.

How will herbs help my symptoms?

By taking herbs instead of synthetic medicine, you will notice large-scale improvements throughout your body. There are herbs that detox and cleanse, relax muscles, feed specific organs, and remove excess or blockages in specific systems of your body. Most herbs will pass harmlessly though the system once they are not longer needed in the body.

Why use herbs?

For thousands of years herbs have been used in the treatment of disease. They are a safe and natural way to heal the body of many types of conditions. Nature not only supplies food, it seems to supply all the remedies for our diseases too.