Pediatric Health Consultation

At Nature’s Blessing, we work with kids of all ages.  If your child is unable to sit for a full consultation, we can make adjustments to get the same information about their current state of health. 

Your child’s health will be evaluated using:

Stress Assessment - A computer test that shows that highest stressors in the body and/or

Iridology/Sclerology - Pictures of the eyes that evaluates health based on the markings found within the eyes.

A customized report is created for your child that summarizes the results of the tests.  The report will include specific homeopathic, supplement and nutrition recommendations for your child.

We ask that you:

1. Watch for sugar in the diet, additives, preservatives, and food dyes. 

2. Read food and beverage labels- Stay away from high fructose corn syrup, enriched flour, partially hydrogenated oils, artificial flavoring and food coloring.

3. Avoid exposure to scented cleaners, germicidal sprays, room deodorizers, insecticide, paints, & solvents from paints.

Based on your child’s evaluation, we may recommend one or more of the following treatments:

1. Detox/Oral Chelation - to remove the heavy metals in the body that affect the brain.

2. Nutrition consultation - a customized plan based on our findings.

3. Cranial Sacral Therapy - where the bones in the head and sacrum are gently aligned to increase focus, alleviate sensory overload and neurological imbalances.

4. Acu-Tuning sessions - the use of tuning forks, sound and vibration to balance the body and the brain.

5. Homeopathy recommendations including amino acids, vitamins & minerals.

6. Kinesiology/Muscle Testing - to determine deficiencies in the body and to recommend corresponding remedies.

7. Flower Essences -  used successfully in treating children with behavior issues.

We offer supplements in our Little Herb Shop that are perfect for administering to kids…everything they need in chewable and liquid form We also carry everything you need to fight colds, flu, allergies & coughs naturally.

We also treat Autism naturally.  Click here for more information.