Treating Autism: The Natural Approach

Are you searching for alternative ways to treat ASD? Nature’s Blessing can help. We begin by looking for possible causes: vaccines, chemicals/toxins/heavy metals, allergies, yeast, leaky gut syndrome, and parasites. We create a custom nutrition program and safely remove blockages to re-balance the body.

How We Treat ASD

We start with an iridology and stress assessment – analyzing a simple photograph of the eye to locate stressors inside the body. The results direct us to treatments such as:


The process of safely removing toxins, chemicals, heavy metals and vaccines from the body.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

The bones in the head and the sacrum are gently aligned to increase focus and clarity and alleviate stress, sensory overload and neurological imbalances.

Homeopathy & Herbology

We use supplements including sprays and chewables that accommodate those with sensory or swallowing difficulties.


We use tuning forks, sound and vibration to detox the body and balance the brain.